Pantex Holland

Pantex Holland upholds a world-wide reputation for its high qualified veterinary pharmaceutical products. Over 150 products are being distributed by Pantex to various parts of the world. The company is officially recognized by European authorities and was awarded the GMP-status back in 2001. Next to the items that Pantex produces for the intensive animal husbandry, there is also available a full range of veterinary products for non-consumption animals. The Pantex product range is a well balanced selection of generic items which are used in world-wide medication programs. By elaborating the newest pharmaceutical components in the various galenic forms, Pantex tries to realise an accountable and healthy livestock management for its end-users.

Pantex Holland mission statement

By providing animal healthcare products of the highest possible quality, Pantex Holland strives to contribute to health and wellbeing of livestock, man and industry in the world of global animal husbandry.

We care about quality

Our entire organisation and mind setting is aimed to guarantee the highest possible quality of both products and services. Of course our company has been rewarded with a European GMP licenced since 2001. Choosing Pantex, means having the safety of knowing that the highest possible quality is guaranteed.

We care about partnership

Reliable service and unconditional loyalty toward our business partners all around the world, belong to our most important corporate values. Our goal in every relationship, is to find and explore opportunities together, to guaranty long term mutual benefits.

We care about flexibility

The ever-changing field of animal healthcare knows different approaches all around the world. The broadness of our product range and flexibility of our organisation makes us adaptable to all of your specified requirements.