Panmectine 10

per ml: 10 mg ivermectine.

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Containing per ml: 10 mg ivermectine.

Spectrum of activity:

Ivermectine inactivates parasitic nematodes, archnids, and insects. Its action on the nematodes is by inhibiting signal transmission from the ventral cord interneurons to the excitatory motor neurons. At therapeutic doses, ivermectine has no effect on mammals since their GABA systems are confined in the central nervous system into which ivermectine does not penetrate readily. Ivermectine is unrelated structurally to any of the presently available parasiticides. Because of this and its unique mode of action not shared by any other antiparasitic agent, cross resistance does not occur.


Panmectine Poultry oral solution is indicated for the treatment and control of internal parasites (Capillaria spp., Ascaridia spp., Strongyloides spp.), external parasites (lice, mites), and Darkling Beetles (Lesser Mealworms) in poultry.

Dosage and administration:

For oral administration via the drinking water.

The general dose for pullets, layers, broilers and breeders is as follows:

–          Against parasites:  1 ml PANMECTINE Poultry per 25 kg bodyweight for 1 – 2 days, if necessary to be repeated after 15 days.

–          Against beetles: 1 ml PANMECTINE Poultry per 25 kg bodyweight for 1 day, if necessary to be repeated after 7 days.

Prior treatment restrict drinking water for 2 hours, in order to obtain maximum consumption of the medicated water.

Further, make a pre-solution in fourth part of the total daily water intake and medicate during the morning.

Withdrawal time:

For meat and eggs: 8 days.


Store closed below 25 °C, protected from light.

Shelf life:

3 years.


Plastic bottle of  1 ltr.




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