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Consists of only natural ingredients such as herbs and essential oils.

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  • Drives away parasites like mosquitos, moths, lice etc.
  • Has a soothing effect on your birds’ airways and helps to avoid problems such as cold, sinusitis, bronchitis and dry and wet mucus.
  • Disinfects the loft and cleans the nostrils and the bronchial tubes of your birds.

Birds can easily and safely endure the “Smoke-bath” treatment and will experience a positive effect on the general health.


One PantaSmoke tablet creates a smoke blanket which treats a surface of max. 75m3.

PantaSmoke consists of only natural ingredients such as herbs and essential oils.

Safety instructions:

  1. Place the PantaSmoke tablet on a stone, tile or terra-cotta bowl before igniting.

This in order to avoid burning or scorch marks due to contact with combustible floor panels or wooden carrying materials.

  1. Keep the flame source in contact with the tablet until the burning is self-continuing.
  2. Avoid contact with the ash remainders after extinguishing for at least 15 minutes to ensure a safe disposal.


Content: 3 smoke tablets,  to treat a total area of max 225m3.


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3 tablets