per gram: 445 mg diminazene aceturate, 555 mg antipyrine.

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Each gram of granules contains:

445 mg diminazene aceturate

555 mg antipyrine.


Spectrum of activity:

Diminazene aceturate is active against Trypanosomae such as Trypanosomae congolense, Tryp. vivax, Tryp. brucei and against Pyroplasms such as Babesia bovis, Bab. bigemina, Bab ovis, Bab. motasi and Bab. canis.

Antipyrine acts against fever, specifically in case of Babesiosis (red water fever).



Mixed infections with trypanosomes and Pyroplasms as well as infections due to drug-resistant strains of parasites are particularly important fields of application.

Whereas in infections with Trypanosomae congolense and Trypanosomae vivax a single administration will bring about a complete cure, in Babesia infections rapid clinical cure but no total destruction of the parasites will be achieved with a normal dose, so that premonition may develop.



Do not overdose and/or repeat administration to camels and dogs, as this may cause central nervous symptoms.


Dosage and administration:

The general dose for all animals is 3.5 mg diminazene aceturate per kg bodyweight, corresponding to 5 ml per 100 kg bodyweight. In infections with Trypanosomae brucei, twice this quantity is indicated. If the causative organisms are particularly resistant the dose may be increased to 8 mg / kg bodyweight. It is not advisable, however, to exceed a total dose of4 g. The contents of a sachet of 23.6 (or 2.36) grams are dissolved in 125 (12.5) ml water. The final volume of the 7% injection solution thus obtained amounts to 150 (15) ml.

The Pantizen granules dissolve rapidly in the quantity of water indicated. The solution thus prepared is stable at room temperature for 5 days, if stored in a cool place it is stable for 14 days. The solution must be protected from sunlight and stored in sealed glass vessels.

Administration by deep intramuscular injection.

When large volumes are to be administered it is advisable to inject into two different sites.


Withdrawal time:

Meat: 21 days



Store below 30°C, in a dry place and  protected from light


Shelf life:

5 years.



Unit pack of 23.6 gram granules (10.5 gactive material) and 2.36 gram granules (1.05 gactive material).





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