Provethrine 100

per ml: 100 mg cypermethrin (40:60)

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100 mg cypermethrin (40:60)        

1 ml dissolving agent and

emulsifier q.s.



Cypermethrin is a compound of the family of pyrethroids class II (synthetic by-product of natural pyrethrins). It is a strong ectoparasiticide of low toxicity and high residual protection, whose specific activity depends on molecular stereo specificity in relation to insect enzymatic systems. Cypermethrin is slowly metabolised by insects. First, the insect is poisoned rapidly causing a motor iuncoordination due to chained nervous impulses on external sensitive nerves. Then, a lethal action occurs causing a paralysis of the insect due to an accumulation of cypermethrin in the nervous system.



–   Bovine and equine: flies (Haematobia irritans, Musca Automnalis and Hydrotaea irritans), ticks and mites, lice (Lignonatus spp, Haematopinus spp).

–   Ovine and Caprine: flies, ticks and lice.

–   Poultry: lice and fleas, mites (Dermanyssus gallinae).

–   Dogs and small animals: fleas, ticks.


Dosage and administration:

Dilute into water and apply topically.

Bovine and equine:
– Flies control: spray at the beginning of flies station and repeat each month. In case of excessive flies on animal horn and face, spray every 15 days.

– Lice control: spray animal’s entire body. Repeat treatment as often as necessary, at minimum interval of  14 days.

For flies and lice control administer 1 ml of  PROVETHRINE 100 per 100 ml of water, applying to:

– Adult bovine and equine                : 500 ml

– Young bovine                    : 250 ml

– Calves and foals : 125 ml


Red mites: apply 1 litreof solution of 0.5 ml PROVETHRINE 100/ml of water every 50 fowls. Apply under the wings, body and tail of each animal ensuring a complete coverage. Apply as often as necessary with a minimum interval of 14 days.

Ovine, caprine, dogs and small animals:

0.5 – 0.75 ml/litre of water, per animal immersion during 30 seconds.


Dilute 100 ml of PROVETRHINE 100 with100 litres of  clean water and mix well. When dipping, submerge the animal for at least 30 seconds, ensuring skin saturation and submerge head at least once.


Recommendation and warning:

Use in ventilated areas. In case of rain during the first 24 hours of spraying, treatment should be repeated.


Withdrawal time:

Bovines and equines: Meat: 2 days

Poultry: Meat: 14 days.



Bottle1 litre

Bottle 100 ml



Store closed at room temperature and protected from light.3




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