Xylazine 20

per ml: 20 mg xylazine base.

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Each ml solution contains:

20 mg xylazine base (as hydrochloride).


Spectrum of activity:

Xylazine has sedative, analgetic and central muscular relaxating properties.

Within 5-15 minutes after injection there will be results.



In all cases where the use of a sedative is indicated, e.g. during transport, horseshoeing, operations (dehorning). As a pre-anaesthetic by operations (e.g. sectio caesaria).



Use during the last month of pregnancy (cattle), lung- and heart failures; Oesophageal obstruction, torsion of the stomach, and hernia (because of vomiting); administration in combination with neuroleptica.



Depression of heart-rate, blood pressure and respiration (when given in high doses), tympany (in ruminants) and in case of pyometritis, hypersensitivity to xylazine may occur. Be carefully, if used in combination with barbiturates (lower the dosage) because of strong depression or respiration and myocard. Analeptica (e.g. ephedrine) may reduce the sedation period.


Dosage and administration:

Cow:      0.25 ml per 100 kg bodyweight i.m., for sedation, a little relaxation; moderate analgesic.

                0.50 ml per 100 kg bodyweight i.m., for small operations, the animal is mostly standing.

                1.0 ml per 100 kg bodyweight i.m., the animal lays down; operations.

Horse:    4 ml per 100 kg bodyweight, i.v. or 10 ml per100 kg bodyweight i.m. In case of severe operations, the combination of xylazine i.v. 4 ml/100 kg with e.g. halothane or fluothane (incubation anaesthesia) or chloral hydrate i.v. (8 g/100 kg) will be preferred.

Sheep:   0.15 ml per 10 kg bodyweight i.m.

Dog:       0.15 ml per kg bodyweight i.m. or i.v.

                In combination with ketamine: 0.1 ml xylazine per kg bodyweight and 6-10 mg ketamine per kg bodyweight i.m. or s.c.

Cat:        i.m. ors.c.the same doses and combinations as in dogs.


Withdrawal time:

For meat: 3 days.



Store between15 °C and 25 °Cand protected from light.


Shelf life:            

2 years.



25 ml multidose vial.




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